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A simple Trina Avoidance Act (TAA): make Peabody do the talking. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

A simple Trina Avoidance Act (TAA): make Peabody do the talking. ~Laura

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Just reread this conversation from Portrait in Death. I am rereading the entire series for the umpteenth time.

Such a funny quirk that Eve has to Trina and anything concerning female grooming rituals! Most of us would love to have the pampering involved in all of that, but it creeps her out!

Listening to this one in the car for the I don't know how manyth time! Just heard this line this morning, and laughed out loud!

I love her reactions to Trina.

I think her avoidance of enhancement comes from her childhood. I don’t think she has ever looked in the mirror and seen herself that way. Roarke loves her the way she is, who needs makeup.

I love that the fearless Dallas is petrified of Trina.

I absolutely love how tough Eve is terrified of Trina.. and no one else that I can think ok.

I always love when Eve gets all nervous/crazy about Trina. Big bad cop afraid of her hairdresser!

I love Eve and Trina’s relationship!

Eve is so afraid of Trina. Love IT has ....

不不不不 you automatically know she’s talking about Trina! Eve will take on a killer with no thought but the thought of a beauty treatment has her shaking. 不不不不

Well...Trina DOES sound a bit scary...

I love how her friends gang up on her to help her.

Poor Eve! As if a beauty treatment ever hurt anyone..lol

Although Eve has a fear of Trina, she always feels better when she's been "done". Providing there's no temp tat. lol x

Its adorable how scared she is of Trina, our tough as nails cop

She can only get away from Trina for so long.

But Peabody has betrayed Eve when it comes to setting up a session with Trina, so it's no guarantee that Eve will escape the Terrifying Trina Treatment.

Parts of this book made me cry. Even though I have read it before 2 other times.

A lot of good it does to the TAA when Peabody also ends up throwing Eve under the bus, like mentioning hair extensions and next thing Eve knew she was getting a treatment.

It makes me laugh that Eve is afraid of Trina! She will face going underground where danger is everywhere but Trina makes her shudder.

Eve isn't the only one afraid of Trina, think of the person who Peabody is setting up a Trina visit for.hahaha

I love the Trina vs Eve 不

Her fear of being turned into a girl tickles the crap out of me.

I think trina would terrify me just as much as she terrifies Eve

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JD Robb

Isn't that always the way? ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Isnt that always the way? ~Laura

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I love the spontaneity of Eve and Roarke!

I reread this not too long ago I'm rereading the whole series from the beginning. Though I did take out time to immerse myself in her new home

90% of the reason I love these books is the relationship between Eve and Roarke.

There home has so many rooms, Eve will be checking off her mental lists in a great many interesting places! At least they have carpeting, though the Ballroom, Roarke's private office, kitchens, linen closets and bathrooms are not usually carpeted.

I love their sexual spontaneity!

Love it 歹

I really liked Eve’s idea to “celebrate” in every room in the house - - although for the kitchen for example, she had to wait until Summerset was on vacation - lol!

So true. The shower also comes into play a lot.

They're just so much fun together!!

At least there is nice carpet in some rooms.

If nothing else, they are adventurous!! The shower seems to be a favorite place as well! Ah, youth!!!

They are so much in love and lust with each other!歹

Love the two of them.

After a few bits of this book on here I re-read it again. I also read all of the books I have of the series again in the past 2 months. (About 15). I need to get her others, in hard copy.

And the elevator, the shower, etc.....!!

They have covered lots of areas in the house and there are still lots of places to cover.

Just rereading this book now.

Sometimes their eyes meet and WOW - walls, floors, stairs, grass - wherever/whenever!!!

I am rereading it also

One of my favourite In Death books.

Spontaneous combustion is a wondrous thing!

The floor is there favorite place.

Well at least he knows their love making will never be boring

Wonder if we will ever know how many rooms the Roarke palace has. Sometimes I picture the droids constantly adding new rooms.

Can't forget the pool for some of their wild money sex

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JD Robb

JD has a signing today (which I'll miss because I'm in London taking boatloads of photos.). What's on tap for your weekend? ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

JD has a signing today (which Ill miss because Im in London taking boatloads of photos.).  Whats on tap for your weekend? ~Laura

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Wish I could be there, but in consolation I did receive my signed copy of Shelter in Place over the weekend.

My Grandson Gage asked me to attend his big all day soccer tournament on Saturday and his team won the whole tournament. Winning every game. So, so proud here. It's now Sunday and I'm on night shift 2nite

Spending a little me time with a favorite author!

A memorial for my younger cousin. She didn't want a funeral, she wanted a party. That's what we had, a lot of tears and a lot of laughs. She is already missed.

Still waiting to read Vendetta love all your books

Had a mani-pedi and then sushi lunch with a bestie. Chillin for the rest of the day. First Weekend off since July 20!

Getting caught up on weeding the garden then setting up my small loom to weave some silk scarves.

Fishfry Saturday and Church dinner today. Food coma tonight .

North Carolina Hot Sauce festival. Loads of fun.

Getting the yard work caught up, housework caught up and packing....we’re getting ready to go for a week’s vacation....

Go to Greenwich if you haven’t already. I’m rereading the In death series

Rereading the death series. On #35.

My son got married!!

Haircut and homework!!

Going to Josh Turner concert

Working. But will still do some reading.

Watching horror flicks while playing Sims with some reading, school work, and chores thrown in at some point.


NHL hockey (training camp)

Walking his doggynes at the park.

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JD Robb

JD has a book signing today (I'll miss it because I'm taking boatloads of photos in London). What are your weekend plans? ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

JD has a book signing today (Ill miss it because Im taking boatloads of photos in London). What are your weekend plans? ~Laura

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I'm in London too, Laura!

I'm with you! London!

I'm in London until Tuesday,!!

Celebrating a birthday, trying to figure out how to help fix my daughters vehicle while she is out of state at school and praying it’s not expensive.

Aldo on holidays in London

I’m here

I missed seeing you today at the book signing. Have fun in London!

Spent the afternoon making 3 different quiche's for tomorrow. My Great Grandsons first birthday. Now having a rest, a cup of coffee and enjoying the late afternoon sunshine here in East Yorkshire. Have a fabulous time in London Laura, there's too much to choose from when you don't have loads of time to fit it all in. Love your photo of St Pauls Cathedral. xx

Crocheting a new square based on the outlander series for my daughter's Xmas box. Hope you enjoy London, great city.

I would love to have a signed boot from JD Robb. I have one from Janet Evanovich.

My plans for the weekend now? Wishing I was in London too!

I'll be watching tv and crocheting all weekend. Have fun in London.

Ooooooh. Wish I was with you. Have a wonderful time.

You do amazing work. Janette!

at a wedding!

the colors are awesome in this picture, pops right off the page. my plans are helping out at a used book sale (hoping to find some books on my need to read list) then trying to make cake pops for the first time

Sewing a baby quilt for my grand due next month.

Going to meet my cousin's newborn daughter in a little bit!! So excited!!

I’ve been re-visiting the in death series again! And, I believe that is the mark of a truly great storyteller.

Reading Vendetta in Death, and not disappointed. Love Eve and Roark, read them all. Can’t wait for the next one.

Book events in Indianapolis and lots of driving

Work reunion and Vendetta

Oh enjoy, weather looks nice.

I wish I was at either of those places, instead I'll be doing homework for my librarian degree while I continue to heal from spinal fusion surgery. If they still offer the James Bond tour thru London, do it, It's worth it!

I am working at a vendor event for Damsel in Defense and reading Vengeance since it's slow.

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JD Robb

There are times wanting to be liked just gets in the way. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

There are times wanting to be liked just gets in the way.  ~Laura

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Just finished Vendetta and it did not disappoint. Thank you Nora for continuing to work on this amazing saga.

I love Dallas

I know you probably hear this all the time. I love this series so much! I would love to see it adapted to either a movie or better yet a TV series considering the number of books.

I love when Eve gets happy about dressing down a doorman. Or anyone who, in her mind, interferes with her investigation!

Eve does want to be feared and hated in her job, but she has learned the benefits of friends.

As a high school teacher, I too prefer to be feared and hated. 不

Typical Eve wisdom.

Pure Eve. I had to wait a week to start Vendetta, but I'm almost done with it. I won't share any info except... get it and read read read!

She loves those clashes with the doorman as much as parking her car in front and leaving it there!

Love the series!

This is a wonderful quote to describe Eve perfectly! #CrazyPixie #ReviewsbyPixie #NerdGirlPixie ‍儭

She loves these interactions and I like how she gets disappointed when the doorman is a Roarke employee.

So love reading your J D Robb books. Thank you

I love the dance she does with doormen and staff. It's hilarious. Even more hilarious is when she gets all geared up to take them on and they already know who she is since they got the "memo."

Love Peabodys snark!

Love Eve's attitude...makes the books

I don’t know which I enjoy more; Eve’s run in’s with door attendants, her fight with the vending machines or her verbal sparring with Summerset.

Vendetta in death was awesome!! Are we gonna see Roarke and Eve visit the Irish family anytime soon? I share a birthday with his aunt and mother and miss her in ths series

Until she met Roarke Eve had very few pleasures , getting the best of doormen, receptionist etc was a good day for her

Love her enthusiasm for a battle with the doormen.

I adore Eve’s attitude. I usually agree with her.

I feel kinda bad for her. So few chances to mess with doormen anymore. Almost always has Roarke with her (or he owns the building!)

Eve to the core!

Only Eve and Peabody

Enjoying Vendetta on the beach! Ahhhhh!梗

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