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What would you rate Eve and Roarke on a sweetness scale? ~Team Nora

Order your copy of Golden in Death: bit.ly/2Ccsv7c
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What would you rate Eve and Roarke on a sweetness scale? ~Team Nora

Order your copy of Golden in Death: http://bit.ly/2Ccsv7c

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So many instances of sweetness, tenderness and caring between Eve and Roarke throughout this series particularly in the more recent books. Just make me sugh happily. They are soul mates

Eve and Roarke are off the scale. There is just so much to them individually and as a couple.

They’re sweet with a kick - like a good shot of Fireball. 😜

Love their quirkiness..... mix of sweet, sassy, loving, fierce and independent.

Not the so sweet it makes you feel a little sick, but that amazing sweet and salty together. The salt makes the sweet the best it can be. Dark chocolate with sea salt and a glass of red wine. (now I’m wishing it wasn’t Monday morning!)

Both my husband and I loved this book and tried to decide if we fit on the sweetness scale .😁

I loved this book. Eve and Roarke..not so much distraction around them. Just them!!!

Their sweetness is tempered by enough sass to keep life interesting! Love them!

Not sweet. Tender, loving, soul mates, but not sweet. That is too insipid a word for what they have.

Such a great journey watching these two come together.

I have both book and audiobook.

Eve and Roarke are sweet-tart - like really good lemonade

i like that Eve is now more publicly sharing her love for Roarke. She is making a point to tell him how she feels. I loved this book and i liked the personal touches Roarke always adds to the story line.

As always, I very much enjoyed. Eve and Roarke are perfect for each other. They have almost a cosmic attraction towards each other in the fact that they actually take care of each other BEFORE, the other person actually knows what they need.

Too funny, I was just reading that scene five minutes ago.

I rate them as highly sweet.

i loved this one!! Couldnt put it down.

They are at the very top

When will this come out in paperback?


Saako tätä suomenkielisenä?????

<3 10 <3

Shirley C Plummer

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JD Robb

From the beginning of Visions in Death. Always good to have one upbeat item on tomorrow's To-Do list, don't you think? ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

From the beginning of Visions in Death.  Always good to have one upbeat item on tomorrows To-Do list, dont you think?  ~Laura

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Eve and the Requisition Dept are not friends. I love how she takes out her frustrations on them.

Visions was a day in the limelight for Peabody. It went over my head during the first reading how Nora was highlighting Dallas and Peabody's partnership so it hit that much harder when Peabody was attacked.

Got to know about Eve's creative imagination with the Requisitions Department. I cry every time I read the part of Peabody's attack and the reactions of Eve, McNab, Feeney, etc

Eve has the worst luck with technology and vehicles. Nothing ever seems to go right like the Russian poem on her office computer

if they only knew how many time she wished maimimg , death on their heads. Peabody geting hurt so badly showdme how much Eve loved her partner.

Maiming always fun times.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Gotta love her way of thinking πŸ€”

A good one but the hurting of our Peabody got to me

The ways Eve gets rid of frustration is awesome

Seems fair to me


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JD Robb

Did you find all the differences in our Vendetta in Death puzzle?? Raise your hand if you're ready to join the NYPSD! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ ~Team Nora ... See MoreSee Less

Did you find all the differences in our Vendetta in Death puzzle?? Raise your hand if youre ready to join the NYPSD! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ ~Team NoraImage attachment

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I’m still trying find my selfie on the Golden in Death book jacket. Poor eyesight!!

The chalk outline of the body was the only one I missed! Thanks for this

I was browsing the book section, as I usually do, a bit sadly as I know there's no new JD Robb around at the moment, and what did I see? An all new and shiny reprint of Naked!! I almost bought it, even tho I already have it.

Would be so cool if these puzzles came with the ebooks too πŸ™‚

I missed the trees.

I missed 4 of them.

yes, I found them, but probably too hold for NYPSDπŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜

Yes, found the, all

I had 16. Pretty close!

Missed some, got a lot. Thanks.

Missed one πŸ˜ͺ

Got 15 of them.

I think I found all but 4

I missed 2

Not available for Australia

Guess I better stick to sewing.

Oh I did get them all.








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JD Robb

We've got a #FlashbackFriday treat for you today! The inside jacket of Vendetta in Death featured this tricky spot the difference scene. If you haven't had a chance to play detective, now's your opportunity! We'll post the answers later today. ~Team Nora ... See MoreSee Less

Weve got a #flashbackfriday treat for you today! The inside jacket of Vendetta in Death featured this tricky spot the difference scene. If you havent had a chance to play detective, nows your opportunity! Well post the answers later today. ~Team Nora

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Golden was a great book. However lol ever since she got ghe mag car and coats lol eve doesnt get blown up or the like anymore 😒. I know i know but the action and her reactions were always awesome. Lol

the billboard is the one i noticed first!

We never get any of the stuff with the books here in Australia the jackets or covers are different than what you guys get, seems a bit unfair really

I like getting a chance to do it on here. I get the e-books and this is great. I like the e-books because I can take them with me everywhere I go and I have set up a separate listing just for my In Death Books.

There’s a whole slew of them :-). I love hidden objects and find the difference puzzles !

E books are awesome, but I treasure my JD Robb hardbacks! I am a re reader, and have quite a few in hard and ebook!

Got my book off the shelf & I found 18. That was fun.

That was a fun jacket cover. I liked the one with the map too.

There are 18 according to the directions. I love that one is the tall building on the right has Roarke Industries

Our library puts plastic covers over the dust jackets, so I didn't get to see this.

I spotted a lot of them! Treats like this are one drawback to e-books.

The two middle buildings. One too tower is taller than the other and on the short building, one has more of a top pointed part than other.

The gold on top of the blue building

I found thirteen, then my eyes crossed.

On the right picture, the light on top of the green building isn't on top of the same building on the left picture

Absolutely hard cover to be read and reread. But to travel i use ebooks.

Right one, there is the billboard as well a person just below and to the left in a red coat.

Liked having that puzzle inside the jacket.

Found them! That was fun.

My eyes are so bad these days, I have trouble doing these.

I only found 10. My iPad doesn’t expand big enough.

I found ten, then gave up. Can't see much on the pc.

Found them all. A lot of fun

Wish there was a way to order these things when you buy in e book form.

I remember this and I still can't find all the differences

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JD Robb

Last Divided quote and one that shows we're all the way back when Eve not only says she'll take time off, but she'll plan the trip (to Roarke's small consternation). I think she's absolutely right on this. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Last Divided quote and one that shows were all the way back when Eve not only says shell take time off, but shell plan the trip (to Roarkes small consternation). I think shes absolutely right on this.  ~Laura

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Which book you doing next? I like to re-read the book you're quoting as soon as I can - I'm in the middle of another series right now, but I might be able to squeeze it in between the next 2 books - thanks!

I love you guys!

I have all 49 books and have read them all at least twice...can not tell you have much pleasure than have given me....I am going to be 85 this year , so Evan us old gals know a good book.

Eve's correct! She put together a successful major op, plus she's learned during her marriage, about what to do to plan a getaway!

My lovely wife turned me on to these books, we have all of them and I personally have read all but the most recent one 3 times. Currently reading #27 Salvation in Death.

I adore all of these books. Eve always says such unusual things, has such an unusual outlook and I love it! Bet Roarke does too! πŸ™‚

Roarke is just so used to being in charge and making arrangements, he forgets that Eve is a capable "manager" or maybe it's just that he likes planning things for Eve to enjoy x

I just finished Conspiracy and she tried to plan a nice dinner. He was completely off his game as a result. 🀣. Love Eve and her hang ups.

Haha scenes like this always make me laugh... I can literally hear her voice in my head when she says this. πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆ But yeah, I have faith in our Eve, she can fo anything when she wants to. πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Laura, I have enjoyed all these comments! I knew Eve could do it!

But he loves doing it and he has all the toys to get them anywhere they want to go and there are all those special little hideaways he wants to share with her and...LOL.

Thank you for your wonderful posts ❀️

Roarke loves her but is concerned with anything other than police procedures. But once Eve puts her mind to something she can do anything.

What a coincidence! I just got done listening to this audiobook (again) today!

Right an ‘op’ in her cop world is easy but this is a civilian thing. Love them both so much.

I think that's what's known as payback πŸ˜‚. Roarke is always going on about how she can manage a squad but is terrified of social events.

Roark is so used to controlling everything. However, Eve can do whatever she sets her mind to.

Love Eve, she can do anything if she really wants too

I would have liked to see Roake's face when Eve said she will make the arrangements

These books are all I read anymore. Own every one. Read them over and over.

Eve can do anything she sets her mind too!

Love this series!

I have complete faith in Eve

Roarke, yea of little faith.

And even if there are glitches, he needs to let her take care of him sometimes.

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