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It's always nice to know your spouse thinks exactly as you do on certain issues. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Its always nice to know your spouse thinks exactly as you do on certain issues.  ~Laura

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“Nope, there’s nothing quite like beating something into pulp with your bare hands for relaxation.” || Reunion in Death (In Death, Book 14)

I wish J.D. could write them as fast as I can read them. I think I own every book she's written. I love them!

Sharing that loveπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My computer, for example!

They blend together so well they work and love each together they make the perfect couple

Right, nothing else. I love it when she completely demolish every new one and Roarke have to keep upgrading them

I started re-reading the “in death series” from book #1; it has been fun to watch the relationship between Eve and Roarke develop; I love Eve’s “Book of Marriage Rules”....

Roarke and Eve love venting their stress in their fabulous gym, often sparring with their droids. Wouldn’t we all love to have one!

When I took marital assets classes I loved beating on the bags. I'd show up early to work off steam, so I'd be able to focus better.

That is one of the reasons, with an out-of-work husband and five kids at home, I didn't mind making my own bread.

So true. Love to vent that way

Eve and vending machines and workout droids and...

Just love Eve!!

Our local recycling yard has a bin for glass and I love to take our empty bottles to throw in and listen to them break! So satisfying!

Yes, many of us need something physical to relieve stress. We may not get to take it this far, though.

I love to beat up a droid

Just finished this one yesterday. I MYSELF wanted to beat Julianne into a pulp before it was over! (And just as an aside, I found it interesting that the character always stuck with her initials, J.D. - as in J.D. Robb ???? LOL)

Eve all the way. Such a badass.

they truly know themselves and not only accept but embrace it as well

Eve and Roarke are a great match! They think a like on numerous things and disagree on just enough, to keep the marriage interesting (as well as great, creative, interesting sex!).

Poor droid 😝

She's not beaten up a droid in awhile, that was always a good read.

Glad it says someTHING and not someONE.


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JD Robb

The last things Eve and Roarke said in the hotel room in Dallas. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

The last things Eve and Roarke said in the hotel room in Dallas. ~Laura

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"We were going to start here. Here in Dallas, because I was eight and that was old enough to start carrying my weight.” “It ended here. And what started, darling Eve, was you.” || Reunion in Death (In Death, Book 14)

Survivor in Death was a hard read for me. I've read all of her several times but this one for some reason got to me and I don't pick it up as often.

Love them - have all in series - waiting for next and to see the progression of those around them

A friend of had been trying to get me to read J D Robb for quite awhile and for some I wouldn't pick it up. I work in a library of a places and Innocent in Death came across the desk one day as a return. I remembered my friend telling me how great they were and so I decided to read the description inside and I'll give it a try. I read it, enjoyed it, and realized that the story had a background so I went back and started with the first one. I've been hooked every since. This was several years ago and I have reread them all several times. My friend and I sit back and laugh about it now.

Every book is my favorite. I read them again and again. Thank you for writing them with love being the reason.

My absolute favorite aspect of this series is how much pride Roarke has in Eve for what she has overcome and how he makes it his life’s work to show her how important she is to him.

Every book keeps me hooked! I do not remember how many times I have read them. However Treachery in Death is my favourite - I read it at least once a year. Thank you JD for the many, many hours of enjoyment!

Difficult to read, but necessary for her healing and their growth together as a couple. I love the depth of layers in both of them, but especially Roark. Well thought out and well written.

This book in particular broke my heart. Thank goodness for Mira. And most importantly Rourke.

I couldn't re-read this book, right away, as I usually do. It just broke my heart for our strong Eve, who has such a big heart for the victims, to face her demons in Dallas. Thank goodness for Roarke, she didn't have to face them by herself. It was heartbreaking reading and picturing her reliving the events of that night. I could picture them so clearly, I actually cried. The characters in the Naked series have become REAL, to so many of us!

I thought I had all of the books and just started to reread the series. Will I got to Reunion in Death and could not find it. I had to order it from Amazon,come to find out I bought the book πŸ“š and it was on my IPad that is why it wasn’t in my collection.

This book broke my heart, then New York to Dallas came along and rip it to shreds!😭😭😭. I love Roarke, Summerset, Galahad, Peabody, Dr Mira, and everyone who helped Eve overcome

One of my favorites, also one of the hardest to read no many how many times I do

Definitely one of the more intense and emotional books of the series

That book broke my heart. Almost as much as New York to Dallas. I've read it (all of them 😜) several times and I end up a puddle of tears, every time. My favorite though is treachery in death. When the cops all salute Eve after her fight with Oberman. That moment healed a little.

It shows how much he loves her oh it was a great book I cried I love this and all the books she writes

The " Dynamic Duo " Love Them,Peabody,Mira,Dennis,Etc....All of Their Friends Are Family To Them! These Are The Best Series I've Read and I Can't Wait For The Next One and Baby Bellimina To Talk More and Perhaps A Baby Brother Soonβ€πŸ˜β€πŸ’™πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ‘

It’s amazing how easily one becomes addicted to this series. They all feel like family somehow. ☺️

Love Rourke and Eve.All this collection so good❀😒❀❀

Loved this one what am I saying love them all

Sometimes I think Roarke is more upset about what happened to Eve than she is....this was a hard book to read and I found myself reaching for a hankie.....especially when we read that not only did Roarke send for Mira, but had her bring Galahad.

I love how Roarke is always there for Eve, and can say exactly what she needs.

One of the reasons I love this particular book! I think you kind of see a shift in Eve after they make this journey. She really begins the healing process.

I have cried everytime I have read this book!

This made me cry...….AGAIN! Have read this so many times and it always gets to me. Love Roarke and Eve and how they always are there for each other. And I love how Roarke can always sense when something is bothering Eve. Perfect!!

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JD Robb

One more laugh before Eve and Roarke head to Dallas. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

One more laugh before Eve and Roarke head to Dallas. ~Laura

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"What’s that clacking sound?” “I’m not altogether sure. I think it might be chickens.” “Christ almighty. Chickens. If you tell me to think omelettes, I’ll have to hit you.” “Understood.” || Reunion in Death (In Death, Book 14)

I just love her fear of all things farm/animal related - she's such a city girl!!

Having been brought up in the countryside I can understand that there would be a lot of city dwellers who have never seen "live" animals. Her fear of the unknown makes me smile every time though πŸ™‚ x

I love Eve's reactions to animals, dolls, and small children, she just says what a lot of people have thought at one time or another.

I love Eve's reactions to the idea of farms and farm animals πŸ˜‚

Love her ideas about the country and animals so cute

I love Eve's reactions to being out of the city - hilarious!

She is such a city girl yet loves her home with Roarke away from all the noise and advertisements. Love them 2 and their relationship, so in love. ❀️❀️

There is Eve's love of farm animals again! LOL

Being from Montana, I laugh every time I read her thoughts of my home (and the cattle she is very suspicious of).

I just love her.

Love the way she'll eat chicken and the products associated with them but has a deep fear of the actual creatures

Love Eve and Roarke!

I always love Eve’s reaction to country life.

Thank you. I really love Eves reaction to real animals. A city girl all the way through Lol. I wonder how she'd react to a monkey. Lol. Just a thought.

It's so funny to see the badass fearless cop be utterly terrified of something like cows and chickens.

Slightly off topic but regards the book: Just listening to the audio book and noticed the name of the spa 'le indulgence' πŸ˜‚

Karen Corieri

I always picture a young Mariska Hargitay and Pierce Brosnan when I read the In Death books. Is that weird?

More Dangerous Domestic Animals- at least they’re smaller than human-hating cows.

Most annoying domestic animals ever are the rooster's next door at three am πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Eve's phobia with animals (farm animals to be specific) is hilarious!



love it being a city girl Eva wouldn't know that sound

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JD Robb

I think the real plan was to make Eve tear up one of her ragged t-shirts. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

I think the real plan was to make Eve tear up one of her ragged t-shirts. ~Laura

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“Stay out of my drawers, you pervert, or I’ll bite your fingers off at the knuckles.” “There now,” Summerset addressed to the cat. “Isn’t it nice to know the Lieutenant will go off on this difficult trip in a good frame of mind?” || Reunion in Death (In Death, Book 14)

I love all her little foibles, including her ongoing feud with Summerset! Love the cat too!

I so enjoy the sparring between Eve and Summerset, but underneath there is respect and their shared love for Roarke.

Just love this series and I have read everyone of the books so far except the next one coming down the road. SO LOVE THE CHARACTERS.

I adore Summerset!

Man, the reluctant love shines through every time. Love that dynamic.

Love this series and all the characters. Gives me goosebumps and tingling while reading their love story through out the book

I love Eve and Summerset. You never know what one will say to the other.

As far as character/relationships go this particular book is probably one of the best. Love it❣️

Love the interaction between Eve & Summerset!

Eve and Summerset.. just love their banter. I love how he has come to deeply respect her.

I love the sparring too with Eve and Summerset. The underlying respect for each other has grown in the books. I love it.

Love these books.

I love how Summerset and Eve both know one another so well, without truly admitting it.

The evolution of Eve and Summerset's relationship is one of the things I love about the In Death series.

I love those 2 ❀️❀️

Summerset has some of the best comebacks in this series. I love it when he holds conversations with the cat!

Eve's and summerset's interactions are always entertaining and fun.

The love, the love!! β€οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Love Her and How She Talks to Summerset!

My favorite series of books. Just love the dialogue.

Yes!!! Just as it should be. Eve and Summerset. Their special bond is truly great. Eve's walking skeleton lol

No one can write the “love” between these two characters quite like JD Robb! πŸ’•

I think Summerset knows arguing with him takes Eve's mind off the difficult task ahead. Deep down I think her really likes her regardless how they bicker.

Eve and Summerset would miss each other if one left.

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JD Robb

I posted this last year, but since the Candy Thief question came up in the comments to yesterday's post, I thought I'd share again. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you Sincerely for the many never ending hours of pure reading enjoyment from your awesome books with all the wonderful characters and scenes you write for us. βŒπŸ“šβ€οΈβŒ

I think it’s everyone in her bullpen. I think they have a continuous wager going for whomever can best Eve and steal her candy and they’ve all managed it at least once.

I love guessing. Thank you JD for sharing with us your wonderful gift of writing these stories. You are amazing. I love everyone you put into these books as characters and the fact that they become our family too. As Nora you hooked me with your trilogies and I’ve never looked back. Thank you.

I love candy thief. I've read everyone of your books. Hard to wait for next ones.

I also think its's Feeney! He knows all there is about Eve. And what's more, I think she knows its him even though she claims she doesn't. We all know he has a sweet tooth! Love her in this video!!

I think it's Feeney. He has been there since the beginning, and the candy thief was always treated as an ongoing problem. He is her trainer, so he has motivation to keep her humble and probably knew the layout of her office before she did - it may even have been his once. He is known to like candy, and is the one who fed her the trick of mislabeling things in her auto chef when he was hiding things from his "boys." No one would question him going into her office since he has the loyalty of the bullpen, and they wouldn't even mention it like they would Nadine or Whitney. On one occasion, he was even given permission to wire up her office with cameras, and his electronics skills might help in other ways. We also know that his outward dogged and honest appearance can be bent and he enjoys watching Roarke break rules. Yup. I vote Feeney.

Some things are better left being a mystery! Love all your books and you are truly a wonderful author! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

The great mystery of the Candy Thief!!! So funny!

I love the candy thief!!! Great way to bring comedy into the mix!!! Always entertaining!!

Thank you for hundreds of hours of pure enjoyment!

If I had to guess I would choose Baxter but I love a mystery.

Good - too much fun guess but I'm going to start keeping a journal so I can figure it out. LOVE YOUR BOOKS.

That's awesome!!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„. I love that we will just have to keep guessing. Its so fun to read about all the ingenious ways she tries to hide her treats, and how it never works for long.

I love how an unnamed person is such an awesome character. A great mystery for the ages. Lol.

I love your books.. All of them.. Please keep writing..πŸ’œ

I love the places Dallas comes up to hide her candy!

Baxter definitely. Love that it stays a mystery.

I am not guessing, but so enjoying the mystery of the situation. Who knows Eve and her lovely mind so well? Could it be someone who also manages to get her to sit down and enjoy a lovely meal?

Seriously the biggest long running mystery lol but love it!!

lol. I love it..keep us guessing,that’s the fun part.❀️

Love it you go Nora it would be a disappointment if we knew that’s the fun of guessing

I'm glad we're never going to find out, it keeps us on our toes and guessing. We all have our suspicions and they're all different πŸ™‚ xx

A girl gets to keep her secrets! Thank you, Nora, for all the wunnerful reading!

That’s just wrong now. I was hoping to find out someday. πŸ˜‚. Love those stories and I’m so glad you keep their story going.

My mom got me started on Nora's books. I lost my mom two weeks ago. πŸ˜”. But, when I read Nora I can still remember my mom's enthusiasm for Nora's books. ❀️

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