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3 days ago

JD Robb

The worst part of the argument? No happy dance for Eve when Roarke fired Summerset. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

The worst part of the argument? No happy dance for Eve when Roarke fired Summerset.  ~Laura


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I've just reread this book again.

Summerset is the only "Father" that hasn’t betrayed either Roarke or Eve. She wouldn’t have been his choice for Roarke, but he realizes she’s good for him.

The thing about Roarke and Dallas is that they're both "broken", but they're "broken" in ways that fixes each other.

The Eve/Summerset interactions are priceless!! They have evolved to the point where they totally understand that they both love Roarke.❤️

Love the shenanigans between Eve and Summerset they keep you laughing.

They both love Rourke and tolerate each other because not doing so would hurt him. I think their own growing relationship surprises them.

I LOVE when Eve does her Happy Dance - I can actually visualize her doing it. And I love the teasing between Eve and Summerset (although sometimes she can be pretty brutal). I'm looking forward to the day when she realizes he does love her - and has been teaching her in his own way.

You KNEW that eventually Eve & Summerset would make peace, of sorts, but seeing how it has happened has been really wonderful AND entertaining!

Wait, dang it. I haven’t read that one yet!! Yikes !!! 🙂

I love it when Eve starts acting like the MOM!!!! hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Eve’s relationship with Summerset is complicated.

I love the interactions between Summerset and Eve. It took a while but there is a lot of caring between the two. He often contacts Roarke when Eve looks sick or in really bad shape.

I'm rereading this one now.

Eve knew, despite her own feelings, that Roarke and Summerset are too close for that. And she handles them with her usual grace and tact!

On #11, “Judgement in Death”, #12 is next....I always enjoy the interactions (or lack of them) between Summerset and Eve...

Don’t we just love fighting kids❣️❣️

I love Eve and Summersets relationship, watching(reading) develop is fabulous

Had to reread for the upteenth time.

Love this book ! I've read it multiple times and still enjoy it!

😂😂😂have to give Eve props for not doing her happy dance.

Grand read

I love these three people

Eve and Summerset’s relationship is definitely ‘in-law style’, with Roarke stuck smack bang in the middle. They never fail to entertain and pull on the heart. Love these guys!!!

The interaction between Eve and Summerset is always entertaining,and I feel for Roarke being caught in the middle...they make a GREAT family!

Love all the interplay between Eve & Summerset. They are slowly evolving.

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4 days ago

JD Robb

I think the only thing you can say is "Awwwww." ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

I think the only thing you can say is Awwwww. ~Laura


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“When I met you, I didn’t want you in my life. You were one big complication. Every time I looked at you, or heard your voice, or so much as thought about you, the complication got bigger.” “And now?” “Now? You are my life.” || Betrayal in Death (In Death, Book 12)

When Roarke puts his hand is his pocket and touches the button it melts my heart every time

I love Eve and Roark. That they managed to find each other, with everything against them is heartwarming. My favorite phrase, "Take good care of my cop".

Love Eve and Roarke and how they have grown together.

Whether it’s JD Robb or Nora Roberts, there all fantastic.

I love it when she refers to the marriage rules.

I wish that once in my life, I had had a man who loved me even 1/10th as much as Roarke loves Eve! I never felt as I was that important to my late ex-husband's happiness, or my 2 fiances... which is why I never married again. Marriage is work, but the work is rewarding if you know you're loved by your partner, at the end of the night!

Love, love, love these books! Trying to finish my collection, but I need a gift certificate LMBO! I just finished *Connections in Death** Splurged on this one!! Once I get them all, I'll read them all again. I won't remember them that well since its been years since I've read the first book... It will fun to read them again...

I love your books. I am amazed that you churn out not only this series, but all of your Nora Roberts books. I wish, if I could write, that I could write as many books as you do. Much love

My all time favorite couple!

What’s sad is how envious I am of my favorite fictional(or maybe not) couple.

Neither Eve or Roarke knew love before they found each other.

I love it when Eve gets all mushy and lovie dovie on Roarke...Nora,do you and your husband talk to each other this way? You write such beautiful stories about relationships...thank you.

I love reading these books. I'd love to see Eve become a mother. Somerset could be the nanny.

2 halves of a whole.....it took Eve longer to realize it than Roarke....

I love how Eve and Roarke got together and how they have meshed as a married pair. Their relationship is so fun to read!

Working my way through the series again...just love these characters 💕💕💕

There is a post on Jezebel about Boonesboro, and the author accidentally called it the in dark series. A bunch of us corrected her, and are now having a lovely convo about the series.

They are so sweet! I love when they interact.

love when Eve gets mushy with Roarke, it means so much more because it's not everyday.

SO sweet! She's learning how to speak her feelings. <3

Just finished Connection. Miss the crew. May have to start over ...

Love that series, can't wait for the next one, have all of them. I will re read them from time to time

I just re-started reading Naked in Death, and I'm as hooked on it as I was the first time. I'm thinking I'll re-read the whole colle tion again.

If I had Roarke in my life, that is how I would feel... LOL

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5 days ago

JD Robb

We all know Eve saves her romantic streak-ing for Roarke. 😀 ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

We all know Eve saves her romantic streak-ing for Roarke. 😀 ~Laura


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I’m hoping it blows over and they go back to sniping at each other like they used to, instead of groping in maintenance closets.” “You really should try to rein in that wild romantic streak.” || Betrayal in Death (In Death, Book 12)

Eve has finally excepted Peabody and McNab together. Even though her eyes still twitch when peabody mentions her and McNab having sex.

I think she should put a jar on her desk, like a curse jar. Every time Peabody mentions her intimate life she has to put money in. That would be so perfectly Dallas.

Her and Feeney are SOOOOOOOO funny talking about them......***eye twitch***

Gotta love Dallas' take on relationships the same way I love her misquotes of common expressions. That Roarke gets her adds to his charm.

Such a great cast of characters. Each are unique and add flavor to each book. And make Eve and Rourke more than they were.

Poor Eve, she's no idea what Peabody and McNab will get up to over the next few books. More eye twitches in store ;) xx

Eve is still adjusting to loving Roarke and being loved by him. She’s not good at any kind of change so Peabody/McNab is just NOT!!!

The eye twitching is great. Her befuddlement that comes from their relationship adds a nice touch to the stories.

Unfortunately, only five In death books are published in Serbia. And rest I read on English. 📖💜

And Roarke gets her so well! And her odd humor/comments. 😂

I really love the way she reacts 😉

Oh that romantic Eve just showing her soft side! LOL

My favorite book characters, hands down. I am presently in the middle of my yearly re-reading of the entire series. The benefit of old age is that I only remember ‘who done it’ in a handful of the books.

I love it when Peabody talks about her and McNab getting it on...she knows it makes Eve all twitchy!

Just love this series. I simply can’t get enough of this series. You seem to have me addicted to your books. 🥰

She even has a hard time being romantic with his 😏

Eve is so funny at times, "eye twitch"

She never got used to them as a couple did she? The real question is whether she will or not 😂

That "sniping" was always just foreplay. I don't think Eve knew that. LOL

It is fun to watch “She-body” and McNabb circle around each other....

Extra eyetwitching😂😂😂❤️📚

Eve couldn't get that lucky, lol.

I just love these blurbs from the books!

Eve’s best out of two evils!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

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6 days ago

JD Robb

Though her imagery is suspect, Eve IS trying to help Peabody. 🤔~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Though her imagery is suspect, Eve IS trying to help Peabody. 🤔~Laura


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"So there you are playing where’s the soy sausage in the closet, then you break it off with one guy to talk on the ’link with the other.” || Betrayal in Death (In Death, Book 12)

I always LOVE Eve's imagery, but more particularly when she and Feeney try to AVOID imagery when it comes to Peabody and McNab!

WOW...Peabody just was not thinking straight when McNab had her up against the wall when she took the call from Charles...totally agree with McNab on this one...

I was cracking up laughing at this whole scene. She was trying to help and I think it did work 😂😂

love Eve's imagery and simplistic terms putting everything in a nutshell. I felt bad for McNab here and for Peabody. I adore Louise keeping Charles from spilling the beans.

She should have explained to McNab that it was work related. A big error in communication can really gum up the works!!

I get such a kick out of the relationship between Dallas and Peabody!

Eve cracks me up. She acts so tough, bit she can be soft sometimes. Don’t tell anybody!😂😂

Eve usually tries to avoid the imagery that is Peabody and McNab. Love the way her eye twitches.

Thoroughly enjoy Eve’s take on common words and phrases! Walking papers?? Pink slip???

I love Eve and Peabody they crack me up!!!

I just finished this one today. 😁😁 I love this scene.

Bad Peabody, bad!! Eve calls it like she sees it!! 😂😂😂😂

Yes, but Charles wasn't really an "other" - just a friendly shoulder!

That,for me,is totally Eve 😍

I always laugh at this exchange every time I read it.

Got so annoyed with Peabody here, but Eve got me back on track🤣

I love the conversations between Dallas and Peabody

A concise summation, as we might expect from Eve. :)

Absolutely love her imagery. I get a chuckle every time.

Love Eves way of explaining things

She is right. I love how colorful Eve’s dialogue can be.

Eve is funny.

Hi guys. I need help. I need the title of the books where Rourke and Eve went to on holiday in Ireland and one where Peabody was injured. Ive read all of them but I want to re read those two. Opps.. and one more title where the young girl namedNixie was in it. Thanks.


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