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Baxter's train of thought is recognizable, isn't it? ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Baxters train of thought is recognizable, isnt it? ~Laura

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I loved watching Baxter “rise to the occasion” and take on a rook.....he and Trueheart add another great dimension to the “in Death” stories....

The chemistry and relationships between Baxter and Trueheart is fantastic and full of fun and very entertaining. They add another great characters to love and cherish

Have read most of this series and it is fantastic!

Baxter and his personality are fantastic. Trueheart comes into his own under Baxter’s authority.

i have to agree Laura. Baxter adds a dimension to the cast.

Baxter appears so laid back but he's cop to the bone. Eve knows she can rely on him (and all of her team) at any time. A cop is never off the clock! Trueheart was the perfect rookie to partner him with. they've each given something to the other.

I just reread this book yesterday. I love Baxter and all the characters in this series.

Detective delicious you know you love the Lieutenant and the Rookie, now turn around and go save him!

That's our Baxter! He is a great cop and trainer to Truehart. I felt for him when he had to question Eve murder and Roarke got to him first.

So glad JD is letting us know more about Eve's squad. Love the tie, the socks, the pink coat and the barbecue and the banter.

Love how Nora brings out the characters in Eve,s squad. They all have something πŸ˜™

I love Baxter!❀️

I love Baxter and Trueheart. They are the perfect partners!

I LOVE how you bring the characters to life. Thank you for sharing your Amazing talent. ❀

Love Baxter perfect trainer for Trueheart.

He did a great job with Trueheart, who needed some of that "Baxter"-type seasoning. πŸ˜‰

Love the way her characters come to life.

I love Baxter. His comebacks are great. He is a solid cop, and his relationship with Trueheart is great for them both.

I love Baxter!

But he does it anyway , and does it with style. I enjoy easy way he has with Trueheart.

I love Baxter.

Baxter is my favorite secondary charater in the series !!! I would love to know more about him and I think he could use a girlfriend too πŸ˜‰

Baxter is my favorite. ❀️❀️

Baxter is a lovable hound dog and a good cop. 😘

I love the whole squad

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JD Robb

Back home, back on the same wave length. More often than not I flow with Eve and Roarke's differences, but Portrait (and later Innocent) was jarring in the disconnect. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Back home, back on the same wave length.  More often than not I flow with Eve and Roarkes differences, but Portrait (and later Innocent) was jarring in the disconnect.  ~Laura

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I agree, I was disappointed in Portrait how Roarke kept Eve out when he found out about his mother, that hurt Eve very much. It was good when he wished for Eve, that was a sweet moment and she arrived. In Innocent, I was appalled how Roarke was oblivious to Eve’s pain, that whole deal with Maggie made me very angry with Roarke. Eve does not have very good self esteem nor a good self image; Maggie just magnified her insecurities and Roarke could not see he was hurting her.

The difficulties in both books really illustrate the differences in their vision of their marriage. Roarke has completely surrendered to Eve’s being his one and only Forever Love. It never occurs to him that she could have doubts. When she does doubt, he’s angered because he thinks she doubts his commitment when she actually doubts her own worth. She still wonders when he’ll see all her flaws and walk away. It’s hard to read the “wobbles,” but with two such strong, but flawed people, they’re inevitable. It’s been 25ish years for us, but only 4ish years for them. They’ve grown so much in such a short time. If it was seamlessly perfect, the books would lose the very grit that makes them such good reads.

I love how they always know what to say to each other. Eve with her "marriage rules".

I love how the relationship between roarke and eve continue to evolve. They are learning each other and learning to trust one another.

I just relistened to this audiobook! πŸ’•

I'm almost finished Vendetta In Death. So very love this series and have read all of them so far.

I love their ability to tune in to each other, and try to understand each other!!!

I love the In Death series so much!

I finished Vendetta and I am just playing with finding the differed in the pictures inside the jacket. Have you found all of them yet?

Not sure which side is hardest to understand, Eve and her black and white or Roarke and his shades of grey. They eventually get through it and find their way

I love Eve and Roarke!

Love both of these books but not happy how Roarke didn't realize that he was hurting Eve but eventually he got his head out of his behind and wised up

I just listened to this audiobook on my 12 hour drive home from Florida yesterday πŸ™‚ it’s always been one of my favorites

I think they needed the blatant disconnect to get their minds in sync with their hearts. If you notice in later books, they work more smoothly. Most of the time.

Your quotes had me reread portrait in death. Now im rereading Secrets in death. I wanna read Roarke and Summersets convo in the kitchen.

In my 3rd reading of Vengeance, the blow out in this one was the beginning I think of their more personal disagreements, but understanding to each other's feelings.

I love how they flow now but in the beginning it was hard for both of them to let each other in.

The disconnect was jarring. Roarke seems to read Eve so well. His shutting Eve out really showed me how deeply he was thrown in finding out about his mother. Felt for each of them.

Laura...You are so write...the disconnect was so obvious..

Love Eve and Roarke's relationship. They are a true team inspite of their differences.

I agree with you Laura!

Yes, this disconnect was very jarring. But it was truthful. It happens in a marriage. It was as if the tables were turned this time.

Love this book

Poor Roarke, he was so out of his depth and couldn't see what he was doing to Eve.Then there's poor Eve who's not good at knowing what to do when somebody is struggling. They got there in the end though (with a couple of nudges). xx

I think their differences make them more acceptable to each other and their new life

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JD Robb

An In Death answer this week courtesy of Nora Roberts and J. D. Robb. ~Laura

Nora Roberts and J. D. Robb
This week's fan question is all about the In Death series and comes from Lishia Marie, who asked...

How do you come up with such an amazing world in the In Death universe?
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Love the In Death series. When can we expect the next one??

Yes an autochef fab idea and drying tube

love the autochef dont want my candy vending machine to read calories to me though i am what u dont know wont hurt policy on those lol

The In Death seria is by far my favorite collection!! I have read this series so many times I’ve lost count!!! I can’t wait for February!!

Love Love Love the in Death series,and all the rest of your books. I’ve read and keep re-reading them! Thank you so much.

I absolutely love this series, and can’t wait for a real life autochef... just saying

Love Love Love all her books.. When I started reading the "In Death" series I fell in love...

Thank you. I re-read nonstop in between the books. The best writer of all

Absolutely LOVE the In Death series - strong characters (our future family?) and the technical concepts are so spot on. Thank you Nora and JD Robb for giving us this world!

Nora love all your books! 19 years ago Naked In Death first book I read πŸ₯° You are one of my favorite authors. Grateful πŸ’

How interesting as to how her mind works. I should be so lucky. But that is why she is the great author, and I am the reader. Still waiting for smoking to be outlawed. You go Girl.

Love the death series. Bought the last one on the MP3 format and it had dead spots, plus the ending was missing. I Im'd Laura who works for the JD Robb organization 3 weeks ago and she said that they would send me another copy. Nothing, so far.

It is an amazing and puzzling time. You cope very well in your story telling.

Amazing, amusing, entertaining books. I read one and I am somewhere else during that time. That is the point of a wonderful book.

Just started reading the series again from the very beginning...absolutely one of my all time favorite series!

One of my absolute favorite book series. I can't wait to read Golden in Death.

I got so hooked on the Death series I couldn't put it down. I still want the whole collection so I can read them again. Anxiously waiting for your next one to come out. Thank you.

It amaze me how most of what you wrote in the nineties is here now, makes me wonder if they stole your ideasπŸ€”πŸ˜‚. I absolutely adore your mind!

I love your thoughts and ideas.

Love this series I’ve reread this series 4 times and never try from them

I absolutely love the way your mind works ! I will be a Dallas fan for life !!

I totally connected with Eve’s love of real coffee and Roake after 😬

Read all the series reading new vendetta in death now. So good love them all

I always wondered if Nora went to tech and medical conferences to see what was coming in the future! They are now working on flying cars!

Already on pre order.I drive for a living and I have this entire series on audio, just started it again .Love this series.

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JD Robb

...especially in-flight cribbage. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

...especially in-flight cribbage. ~Laura

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I used to play cribbage for hours with my dad!!! I lost him in May, and will miss all the fun we had together!!!

What a great pleasure it would be to fly with Roarke as company ❀

So That's what they're calling it now! I would LOVE to play cribbage with Roark then.

Love the way he takes her mind off flying πŸ₯°

::reaching for my copy:: I missed that reference!

I’m sure cribbage with Roarke can cure anything that needs curing!!!

Roarke can get her to play cribbage in a variety of places she initially balks at but is glad later.

Love this series.

I never played Cribbage myself, but have watched it being played. Roarke and Eve's "Cribbage" was a whole lot more interesting and arousing than the actual game! Even though I saw a 'gentleman' in the game room flip over the board after he lost the 3rd game in a row! Bad sportsmanship!

don't we all wish we could fly the same way

Would love a game with Roarke. πŸ€—

That’s exactly what a husband is supposed to do, help his wife take her mind off of things πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚. Way to go Roark!

Ah, yes....who wouldn’t be energized after a session of cribbage with Roarke.... πŸ˜†

Never played cribbage, but if it were Roark I’d sure learn.

Hmmmm! Cribbage? I'm in especially if Roarke is dealing πŸ˜€ x

The things that Eve enjoys with Roarke

I wouldn't mind some mile high cribbage 😏πŸ₯°

In-flight cribbage πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Cribbage? It boggles the mind, but I’d play if it’s with Roarke... lol

Can I play cribbage with Roarke? Please! LOL

Mile high cribbage πŸ˜‰

Mile high cribbage.


Oh boy!!


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JD Robb

As neither ever truly had a mom, I'm sure Sinead's tone of voice was foreign to Eve and Roarke. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

As neither ever truly had a mom, Im sure Sineads tone of voice was foreign to Eve and Roarke.  ~Laura

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These quotes made me reread the book. I forgot all the action that took place in the book.

Sinead tone of voice may have been may have been strange to Eve & Roarke, but she gave them both something they didn't have from others. She gave Roarke a family that he never had and even when he found out about them thought he would never have. She extended that love and family to Eve because she saw that their love for one another was very special. I so liked when these new characters came into the books, Sinead and her family gave Roarke and Eve some stability that they didn't know they needed.

I absolutely adore Sinead and am so happy she’s a part of Roarke and Eve’s lives

I love Sinead. She is wonderful with Roarke and Eve!

I love how Sinead embraced both Roarke and Eve!

I love Sinead and the fact that she stepped in to be a “surrogate mother “ for Roarke, rather like Mira has done for Eve.

Sinead had the perfect combination of love and a no nonsense personality to fit in beautifully with Roarke and Eve.

Loved Sinead. What a great character.

Love this particular book that is very emotional for all. Especially Roarke finding out he actually does have family and how big it is and he's younger than he thought

Love Sinead's comment and her welcoming of Roarke! He has a really nice family after all.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

One of my fave books in the series.❀️

Love the Irish family!

One of my favorites

Find myself re-reading this book. Still loving the book.

Im loving these quotes from Portrait in Death. I've lent my copy to a friend i maaaay have gotten addicted to the series...going to have to wait for it to come back and re read it lol

I adore this book!! Re-read it at least once a year!

Love sinead she perfect for Roarke

Love Roarke's irish family!

Currently reading kindred in death. 😁😁😁

I love that Sinead took Roarke into her heart and home, just as if he'd never been absent. It really puzzled Roarke for a bit that they'd simply accept him and not want or demand something in return.

God I love this book!!!!!❀️

Eve had heard it once before, Mira gave her a hefty scolding in Survivor. But still, certainly not a familiar tone for either of them! I love that she’s not the least bit intimidated by a billionaire and a murder cop ❀️

While foreign..the mom tone is somehow imbedded into our dna. 🀣🀣🀣 the mix of love and “don’t make me get up!”

One of my favorite JD Robb's....it is so full of love

I just heard this part in the audible book that I am listening to

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