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3 days ago

JD Robb

Coffee would rank pretty high on my list of things necessary for a good marriage.
This is the last Judgment quote. We move to Betrayal next week. ~Laura
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Coffee would rank pretty high on my list of things necessary for a good marriage. 
This is the last Judgment quote. We move to Betrayal next week.  ~Laura


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“This is one of my favorite parts of the marriage deal. I mean, the sex is pretty good, but the coffee...The coffee is amazing. And you’re all around handy yourself most of the time.” || Judgment in Death

Roarke had Eve at first taste...

It's all about the coffee and chocolate oh and Roarke of course

I love her marriage rules. The gift of coffee in the first book so sweet.

I love how pretty much every book one of she or Roarke mentions that she only married him for the coffee.

I want a Roarke. Where can I get one?

Yeah, he had her with that first gift of coffee.

So funny, but I must admit I love a good cup of coffee lol

I love how some women would have been globbing on Roarke for his riches, power, connections or great looks. But Dallas shakes him down in a fun way by saying - “No, It was the coffee” & Roarke knows that this is too true”. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Coffee , chocolate and the foot rubs

That would diffinately be an understatement !!!!!

Priorities are important

I love reading and watching their lives build together. They are both baffled by each other and love finding out the new.

Like Eve, I'm a coffee addict. Who needs a man when you have coffee πŸ˜€

I love Eve's marriage rules. It gets really complicated for her at times.

Just finished reading Connections I love this series please don't stop writing them

This is hysterical! Sex? Yeah, yeah, sex, good...whatever. But the COFFEE! 🀣

True story. It's all about the coffee. πŸ˜‚

I just finished Connections in Death. I can't wait to read more!!!

Don't drink coffee but I really live getting to know Roarke. Love all your books, can't for a new one. Reading the newest one now. My best author.

I don't drink coffee, I drink tea and Pepsi, but this is a typical Eve comment. I love how their relationship is growing and the live deepening between them.

I'm on Eve's side. I cannot function without my coffee! β˜•

i love all the books but now have to start over because i found a few novellas i shoulda read between books soooooooooooo to make it flow back to the beginning i go!

I understand Eve and coffee, because I grew up with a single working professional mom who gave up coffee for Lent every year. But I can't stand the stuff. Not even mocha. It's only Eve's cold caffeine choice that reaches me…Pepsi.

I enjoy the eve and Roarke relationship.

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4 days ago

JD Robb

Roarke, master of romantic statements. LOL Have you read Connections yet? ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Roarke, master of romantic statements.  LOL Have you read Connections yet? ~Laura


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Trivia: Sausages are called bangers because during ww2 due to meat rations they had a very high water content so they tended to explode when fried.

This beautiful new book, bought with a gift card, had an accident. My lunch at work is spent at my desk reading my book and having lunch. Never forget to put the top back on the lunch shake drink bottle. I was so into my book, I reshook the bottle, you got it, no top. Chocolate everywhere book, desk and me. What a mess. Finished my beautiful book last night with knife in hand to help me unstick the dried chocolate page edges. Love the book, it was wonderful. Chocolate and all..

Absolutely LOVCED this book. Forced myself to read it over 3 days just so I wouldn't get to the end too fast.

I haven't received my signed subscription copy yet from TTP bookstore! I'm dying.......!!!

Reading it is going too fast! Two-thirds through it. Will have to wait till September for the next "? in Death" book.

Just read the comics and found a Valentine poem especially for Eve and Roarke “Roses are red, i love spaghetti, especially with meatballs, when will it be ready” 🀣❀️

Have I read it? It came out more than a week ago…I've read it three times!

This book was as amazing as the rest of the series...get it if you haven't #neverstopreading #lovejdrobb

Got it for my birthday - the weather was too bad to go out so I sat down and starting reading...... finished it at 2:00 a.m.

Just finished it last night! Awesome story as usual and so well written!! Now i have to wait for the next one in October sigh.....will watch for new one to order at Amazon.ca so great knowing it’s coming to me as soon as its ready!!❀️

Yes. A good one. Even if Roarke is more and more a policeman. They lost their funny side but it is expected after 2 years of marriage.

yes, it's one of your best stories because it talks about something so current, and it shows the very nasty muddy side of things and the very human side of things. extremely well handled in my opinion.

I finished this book last night. It started out different from the usual which made me wonder "which guest at the party was going to be the victim or perp. Then it went in an entirely different direction. Great book. well worth the read, My only regret was that because of lack of time to read it took me five days to read it instead of the usual two days.

Yes I listen to it was awesome can't wait for the next one. I finished it with an 2 days now I'll go back to Visions in Death. Like I said can not get enough of this series. I will be re-listening to the whole series till the next book. Love Eve and Rourke and the whole gang!!

Love this book! Another winner. Love the way all the characters interact with each other and the loyalty Eve inspires among her friends!

Please stop leaking parts of the book. Lol. I'm trying to finish Putity in Death before I start on Connections

Read it ASAP and loved it, as always! 😍 I love Roarke's sneaky ways and so does Eve! :-)

Loved Connections, always love Eve & Roarke πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Just ordered this for my Kindle and loved it. I await the next book now.

Loved Connections In Death. Then again, I love everything Roarke

Hubby picked it up for me in the morning, finished it by bed time. Another fantastic read.

Finished it on Sunday.....LOVE IT TOO!!!

Culminated my series reread on the very day connections was released - then read that! Thx Nora once again.

Was informed that it shipped yesterday - USPS delivery pending....

Love these two!! I'm on hold with the library ebook. Can't wait!

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5 days ago

JD Robb

True to a point, like the next morning when Roarke did an end-run around her. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

True to a point, like the next morning when Roarke did an end-run around her. ~Laura


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Eve figured she’d been playing the marriage game for going on a year, so she knew the moves. The easiest way to dodge a problem with Roarke over her handling of the case was not to talk to him about it for as long as humanly possible. || Judgment in Death

But that always comes back to bite her in the end.

Is anyone else in love with Mr MiraπŸ’™ just finished Brotherhood again

Number one reason this series is so successful is the way all the characters have grown. Particularly with Eve and Roarke's marriage. I love how "problems" in the beginning of the marriage have been resolved and their communication has improved. With the end of book three, it could easily have been "they lived happily ever after" but anyone who's been in a long-term relationship can tell you, that's just bullocks. Eve and Roarke's marriage feels real because it is growing.

Haha. And how did that work for her.

I just love how she always refers to it as "the marriage game".

Well, Roarke always finds out. She’s better off to clue him in from the get go

That didn't work out very well.

Yeah, that worked out really WELL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I finished “Connections” in a day, now to wait...

He always keeps her on her toes

BIG mistake!!! But then, I've been married three times! LOL

They make their marriage work.

And did that ever work?

One of my favorite series, and for sure favorite couple!

I love their relationship and the way they work together. Best partnership!!!

As smart as Roarke is, he knows how to get around Eve ☺️☺️

Roarke knows all. He is never wrong.

She knows to just suck it up and tell Roarke right away


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6 days ago

JD Robb

It's always good to know a spouse's preferences, even if they won't get what they want every time out. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Its always good to know a spouses preferences, even if they wont get what they want every time out. ~Laura


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“If we go at this from the same angle, work together, we can both get what we want...Well, you won’t get exactly what you want, which is, at my guess, eating Ricker’s liver after you’ve roasted it on a spit over a slow fire. But we can get as close to that as the law allows.” || Judgment in Death

Compromise...it's the main ingredient in a successful relationship. It DOES seem to me that Roarke does more of it than Eve does. I'm so much like she is in one way - we both want what WE want, what WE believe is the only 'right' way. I relate to her in that way. :)

the problem with your books is that I have them all, and have to wait for the next ones!

I liked how fast they realized how well they work together, something I still have to remind my husband even after 40 years.😁

They both have such a way with words.... all of the regulars do... Thank You, Nora (J.D)!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žβ£

An interesting relationship that despite their differences works well for them.

I just started reading the whole series, from beginning to end, for the third time.. I am reading 'Judgment in Death' at this time. :-)

for bringing EVE & ROARKE and the gang into my life I've read from NAKED IN DEATH TO LEVERAGE IN DEATH at least 7 times all the way through and am about to start CONNECTIONS IN DEATH SO THANK YOU

This is the first In Death book I read. It’s still my favorite of them all

Happy...Snuggle Bear made it home...Valentine gift.....Judgement in Death by J.D. Robb...Love that man of mine.

Compromise is an important element in a successful marriage...

Understanding what makes our partner tick, choosing our battles, & reminding ourselves we are on the same team. Roark is good at this, & Dallas is getting better. πŸ˜‰

Eve has come a long way. She knows she has to allow Roarke to be Roarke. And she is so descriptive.

Does anyone know if J.D ROBB has mentioned an EVE/ROARKE MOVIE?

Dear J.D I just wanted to thank u

Amazing how they love each other.

Love the dynamic between peabody and dallas

Some visual


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7 days ago

JD Robb

Couldn't resist the image. And loved how the MT almost made Eve laugh. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Couldnt resist the image.  And loved how the MT almost made Eve laugh. ~Laura


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“I hate you guys." "Oh we know. My partner paid me twenty so I’d treat you instead of him. There now. Want a lollitape?” || Judgment in Death

Are we ever going to meet Feeny’s wife Sheila? She is mentioned but she has never made an actual appearance. Or is she going to be like Norm’s wife on “Cheers”?

I just love these books. There’s something in them for everyone.

Just finished this one and I laugh out loud every time I read it! I love the interactions between Even and MTś!

I love how Eve dislikes EMTs and getting medical help when she's hurt. And how Roarke usually is so sneaky about getting it for her. :-)

Great part of the series. Rereading. On Born in Death now. Each book is fresh with different plots. So look forward to each book

I bet lollitapes are not nearly as much fun as lollipops.

almost finished with Connections. Fantastic! something a little different from what she usually does. absolutely LOVING it!

Tough as nails....until MT’s or soothers come in play....😳

Eve just isn‘t good with medical stuff.

Rereading that one right now!!

We all want to be like Eve when we grow up and find a Roarke.

I just finished this yesterday! On to Betrayal....

I love these books!

Even though it the quote didn't say who made those remarks, we all know who did! :)

I just finished reading Connections today. Loved it ❀️

I just finished Connections in Death. One of my new favorites. Another reminder of how Eve does not like medical care.

I sympathize with Eve. I hate medical people too! Nothing personal, just their profession.

Love this quote.

I don’t remember this!! 😲


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