Roarke's Grandmother (YANNI)

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  • AJ on: January 9, 2018 at 5:56 am #2200

    I was doing some work on the new Wiki today, and added a page for Alise Brody. I don’t think I ever caught this YANNI before, and looked up on the old site, and don’t see anything about it either.

    So, in Origin in Death (pg 301 in my book), Roarke’s aunt Sinead is introducing Eve to some members of the family who had come to visit. At one point she brought Eve over to an older woman, and said: “My mother…Alise Brody.” This would make Alise Brody Roarke’s Grandmother. In fact, she tells Eve: “Call me Granny.”

    However, in Portrait in Death, when Roarke first looks up his birth mother, he sees information on her that says her mother (so, Roarke’s Grandmother) is “Patricia Brody.” (who we already had a pretty detailed Wiki page on).

    Clearly a YANNI. I don’t know if we’ve seen any more mention of either Patricia or Alise in any of the other books. Does anyone have that information? Can anyone remember any other books that mention Roarke’s grandparents on his mom’s side?

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