The Top Nine In Death Things Nora Never Write

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  • AJ on: July 15, 2018 at 2:58 am #2381

    Hey, Everyone! Even though the old site ( is long gone, it does still live … on my personal computer at home. So, what I thought I would do is to revive some of the old topics, and allow people to comment again, or for the first time if you were never a member of the old site.

    The following list is from Nora’s blog site, Fall into the Story (click for the link to the original post), and should be taken as the definitive list of what we will not be seeing in the “In Death” series ever. Or…unless Nora changes her mind, though I doubt she will. Most of these are no-brainers, but are things that are suggested quite often when we talk about what we would like to see next in the “In Death” world. Keep in  mind that this list came directly from Nora, and can be taken as the final word on all of these suggestions. Please do not continue to ask Nora or anyone connected to Nora (or anyone here) about whether or not any of these things will ever happen in this series!! They will not! We can’t be held responsible for what might happen should any of you continue to ask Nora about any of the things on this list.

    The Top Nine In Death Things I’ll Never Write
    And One That’s A Loooooooong Way Off

    1. Eve and Roarke babysitting Bella for any length of time.  
    The middle of murder is not the time for her slooches and delightful antics.

    2. Nadine and Baxter in love (or sex).
    A conflict of interest.  One of them–the Crime Beat reporter or the Cop–would have to change careers. I think we all enjoy them too much for that.

    3. Nadine and Trueheart in love (or sex).
    She’d eat that sweet boy alive.

    4. Eve having a pregnant scare/not knowing she’s pregnant.
    Its 2061 and birth control has been handled (off page) and reliable pregnancy tests would be as easily–if not more–available than a candy bar.

    5. Eve dreaming about being pregnant.

    6. Roarke kidnapped.
    He’d kick a potential kidnapper’s ass.

    7. Eve kidnapped.

    8. Eve in a coma/seriously injured so the rest of the gang can take point on an investigation.
    Eve is THE central character and is always going to take point.

    9. Roarke in a coma/seriously injured, etc.
    Roarke is a central character.  I don’t want to write a story where he’s not front and center.

    10.  Peabody and McNab may very well get married, even have a kid–sometime way, way, down the road. WAY DOWN.
    At this point, and peering into my crystal ball for the foreseeable future, they’re really happy as co-habs.

    — Nora/JD Robb

    ElectricOutcast on: July 17, 2018 at 1:31 am #2383

    It does make me wonder if Peabody, McNab or Baxter will be taken hostage in a story? I mean with Eve and Roarke out of the list, it should be open to anyone in her friendship circle.

    Peggy Gross on: July 19, 2018 at 7:19 pm #2384

    I don’t think any of those who are cops would be targets. I think it would be more likely that Charles and Louise or Mavis, Leonardo and Belle would be more likely to end up in a hostage situation.


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